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Santa Claus Greeting Card

Beautiful Christmas greeting card idea is shown here. This Santa Claus greeting card is very easy to make. You can replace color paper with cardstock(thick sheet) as card base to get better finish.

Materials Required


Color Papers




Scissors/ Paper Cutter

Click the below link to download the step-by-step guide

santa claus greeting card
Download PDF • 706KB

​1.Take an A4 size sheet

​2.Fold it as shown

​3. Take a sheet of size 14cm X 20cm

​4. Paste it inside the folded sheet

​5. Take a sheet of size 15cm X 21cm

​6. Make an accordion fold on this paper

​7. Fold it into half

​8. Apply glue and stick them together

​9. Spread it as shown (beard is ready).

​10. Take a colour paper of size 12cm X 12cm

11. Cut it diagonally as shown

​12. Take a piece out of the two pieces.

​13. Fold it as shown


​15. Turn it to the other side (cap is ready) and keep it aside.

​16. Take a strip of paper of size 1cm X 8cm

​17. Fold it as shown

​18. Draw an eyebrow pattern on it

​19. Cut it along the drawn pattern

​20. Keep aside the two eyebrow paper pieces that are obtained

​21. Take a circular paper of diameter 11cm

​22. Apply glue on the circular paper

​23. Stick it on the front page of the greeting card

​24. Stick the cap on then top part of the circle

​25. Paste the paper strip on the bottom part of the cap

​26. Stick the eyebrows

27. Draw eyes

​28. Stick the beard


​30. Stick a circular paper on the cap

​31. Write your greetings inside the greeting card

​32. Beautiful Christmas card is ready

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