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Angel Christmas Card

Easy Christmas greeting card making idea is shown in this video. This greeting card is very easy to make. You can replace color paper with cardstock(thick sheet) as card base to get better finish.

Materials Required


Color Papers




Scissors/ Paper Cutter

half-cut pearls

Click on the below link to download the pdf of the tutorial

angel christmas card
Download PDF • 616KB


1. Take an A4 size sheet

​2. Fold it as shown

​3. Take a sheet of size 14cm x 20cm

​4. Paste it inside the folded sheet

​5. Measure 6cm from the bottom and draw a line on the front page of the folded sheet

​6. Cut the bottom portion till the drawn line

​7.Draw another horizontal line

​8.The horizontal line is drawn 1.5cm above the cut-out portion

9. Apply glue on the drawn line

​10. Stick a thin paper strip on top of it

11. Draw the shown pattern under the strip

​12. Cut it using scissors

​13. Draw a circle of diameter 10cm

​14. Cut and remove the circular part

15. It is how your greeting card will look like at the end of this step

​16. Take a square paper measuring 8cm X 8cm

​17. Make accordion fold as shown

​18. Cut the edges on both sides as shown

​19. Fold it as shown



​22. Apply glue and stick the folded part with the bottom part

23. Make one more piece in the same way

​24. Stick them together

​25. It is how it will look after sticking them together

​26. Now paste this on the greeting card

​27. Decorate the front page with half cut pearls

​28. This is the final look of the greeting card made

​29. Write your greetings inside the greeting card

​30. Our beautiful greeting card is ready

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