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Online classes for kids

Saturday, Sunday

Age: 6yrs to 12yrs

Looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids engaged at home? Look no further than my drawing classes for kids! With live sessions and step-by-step guidance your child will learn to draw and paint with different color mediums. Check out the variety of classes available, including both drawing and art and craft classes. Let's cultivate your child's artistic skills together!

9:30 a.m - 10:30 am
11:00am - 12:00pm
12:30pm -1:30pm

Available Time Slots




2:30pm - 3:30pm

4:00pm - 5:00pm


9:30 a.m - 10:30 am

Art and Craft Course - Level 1

Warli drawing Paper Quilling Color theory Coloring and painting techniques Origami and paper crafts​

Drawing Course - Level 1

Fun drawings and drawing exercises Warli drawing Color theroy Coloring and painting techniques Grid drawing Human and face drawing

Short term courses (age: 7yrs - 12yrs)

Warling Drawing Basic course(12 sessions)

Introduction Basic shapes Border designs Birds & Animals Trees Human figures Hut Warli drawing composition Medium: Pen on paper

Warling Drawing Advance course(12 sessions)

Hut Animals Daily chores Tarpa dance Warli drawing composition You can get into this course only after completing the basic course Medium: Pen on paper

Paper Quilling Basic Course (12 sessions)

Introduction Basic shapes Quilling flowers Quilling leaves Fridge magnet

Paper Quilling Jewellery Making Course (12 sessions)

Introduction Basic shapes Jhumka making Pendant set(pendant & earrings)

Acrylic Painting Basic Course(12 sessions)

Introduction to acrylic Color theory color mixing concepts Painting techniques brush handling Free hand drawing basics Landscape panting on paper

Paper craft (12 sessions)

Paper wallet making Greeting card making paper wall hanging making Gift envelope making

To ensure a smooth and productive online class experience, there are a few equipment items you'll need.

  • First foremost, a reliable computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone is crucial.

  • a stable internet connection and headphones ensure clear communication.

  • Live video chat through google meet.

  • Spacious table with proper lighting.

  • Furthermore, depending on the chosen course, the necessary stationery supplies will be notified.

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