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Handmade Christmas Card

Here I have shown an easy way to make a beautiful Christmas card. You can replace color paper with cardstock(thick sheet) as card base to get better finish.

Materials Required


Color Papers




Scissors/ Paper Cutter

half-cut pearls

Click on the link below to download the step by step tutorial

christmas card
Download PDF • 1.35MB


  1. Take an A4 size sheet

2. Fold it into half

​3. Draw a curve pattern as shown

4. Cut along the drawn curve.

​5. Remove the cut out piece

​6. Take a sheet of size 14cm X 20cm

​7. Paste it inside the folded sheet

​8. Take another sheet of same size and paste it on the other side



11.This is how your card will look like at the end of this step.

​12. Draw the pattern as shown.

​13. Cut along the drawn pattern


​15. Make small triangular cut

​16. Decorate the front page of the greeting card with pearls


​18. Take a circular piece of paper with 4cm diameter

19. Fold it into half

​20. Make six such pieces

21. Paste them one on top of the other.


​23. It is how it will look after attaching all the six circles.

​24. Make two such pieces

​25. Take a square paper of size 7cm X 7cm

​26. Fold it as shown

27. Cut along the marked line



​30. Make cuts as shown to get Christmas tree