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Easy anniversary card with white paper

Learn to make an anniversary card for your parents with white paper.

Materials Required


A4 sheet white Papers





sketch pens

  1. Take a A4 size sheet

2. Fold it into half

​3. Measure 8cm at the bottom

​4. Draw a line

​5. Take a paper measuring 5cm X 5cm

​6. Fold it diagonally

​7. Draw an arc

​8. Make two more pieces

​9. Insert all the pieces one inside the other and cut along the drawn arc

​10. This will result in 3 heart shapes

11. Color them


​13. Paste them together


​15. Paste it on the folded a4 sheet

​16. Decorate with sketch pen

​17. Take another a4 sheet and trim it a bit along the length and breadth

​18. Paste it inside the previous a4 sheet

​19. Draw border

​20. Write your wishes

Greeting card is ready

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